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Re: I'm a victim of a decentered 10-18

technic wrote:

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technic wrote:

Keit ll wrote:

This practice gives the suppliers the option of pre-testing & selecting out the faulty lenses but I'm sure none would be so unethical ........ 

Sure, I know from long ago when doing some testing for a photo magazine that distributors can go to great length to pick a perfect copy for review. And some magazines would not publish a review if the manufacturer disagreed with the conclusion, or they would try a few copies until they found a good one. In those days there was a stronger dependence on advertising from manufacturers / distributors, but I don't think much has changed with the bigger review sites of today. That's why I value reviews from photozone and a few other independent sites: what you see is what you could get yourself.

It is also clear to me from reading reviews and forums that Sony ships MANY decentered lenses or cameras with fixed decentered lenses (for compacts); probably more so than Canon, Nikon and Sigma.

I've shipped mine for a return.

I have to say though, the Sony E 10-18 is by far the sharpest crop UWA I've used and I'm comparing that to the Sigma 10-20, Canon 10-22 and Tokina 11-16.

The Sony is the sharpest, I just hope I get a good copy this time!

I'm pretty sure the Sigma 8-16 is the sharpest APS-C UWA zoom, but it may depend a bit on what end of the zoom range you are focusing on. The 8-16 also had its share of decentering issues, at least with initial production runs.

I've not used the Sigma 8-16 and I have not stated above that the Sony is sharper than the Sigma 8-16

The Sigma 8-16 is no use for someone like me as it cannot accept filters, therefore I have not purchased it for testing.

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