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Re: NX300 new firmware

tjobbe wrote:

Ariston wrote

anyway, how do you find the new LR beta results compared to the previous one? personally, I find the images much better aside from the CA fix.

I am pleased with the LR5beta output for now as I can oversharpen the images (at 90+% umask setting) nicely when using higher ISO values and higher De-noise applied.

The NX300 raws still have some headroom compared to JPEG.

I am more pleased by the speed of the de-noise engine on LR5 and find that much more responsive compared to before.

although I'm really not a dedicated jpeg shooter, I'm finding the high ISO jpegs to be really good, in fact competitive. if the jpeg engine could produce such image quality, one must wonder what quality would come out of careful and independent raw processing. I don't think that jpeg engine is better than individual raw processing (since raw will contain all the image data), unless the person responsible is not good at extracting those information. any news if the raws are 12 bit or higher?

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