Do you guys use VR on or off mostly?

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Re: The worse thing about turning VR off......

RBFresno wrote:

alegator wrote:

I always had the idea that VR should always be OFF unless stricltly necessary, like when shooting in vibration environments. I found a great article

I infer from such article that even with handheld, unless standing on a vibrating surface, VR should be OFF.

What's your feedback on this?


Under some circumstances (not most) there may be some minor advantages to turning VR off (though in my personal use, I'm not sure I've ever seen VR degrade an image)..

However, for me, the worse thing about turning VR of, is that I tend to forget to turn it back on when I really need it. I've screwed up a fair number of pictures that way.

So I now basically leave it on all the time unless:

-I'm using a tripod (and then I'll sometimes use tripod mode VR if the lens has it or if the tripod is on a moving or shaking surface, or if there is enough wind to shake even a tripod)

-I'm doing  a lot of shooting in a situation where  I'm always using a fast shutter speed (even then, VR can be useful as it stabilizes the image in the viewfinder, sometimes making it easier to track a moving subject).

That's pretty much me too, RB.

I rarely turn off VR and when I do I invariable forget to turn it back on! I mostly shoot with VR on, and it would only be on the rare occassion that I turn it off, and I don't think I have had an image suffer due to VR.


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