Several unhappy x100s owners posting, but look at this and tell me...

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Re: Several unhappy x100s owners posting, but look at this and tell me...

sgoldswo wrote:

Davidgilmour wrote:

jaxwired wrote:

...another compact camera that can take shots like this.  I have not seen results like this from anything else short of a DSLR...

There is nothing I see here that the X-100 Classic can't do....

True, except for the last one unless you shot in MF. I don't recall many action shots with my X100... 

The same is broadly true for other large sensor compacts. That said, the OP is happy with his camera and I'm sure his intention was to say "look how great my new camera is, it's as good as a DSLR", rather than to say "your [X100, X1, X2 Coolpix A etc*] is terrible in comparison".


My point really was just that there have been quite a few posts disparaging the X100s and for me, in my limited experience, the X100s is producing excellent results.

I never intended to say that it's better than the X100 in IQ.  I have no idea if it is.  But I can compare the IQ of the X100s in my own picture taking to my past pictures taken with other compacts and DSLRs.  In that comparison, the X100s is out front just in my opinion.

Of course that is using my highly mediocre photos for comparison.  To truly determine the merits of the X100s, we would need a world class photographer like CANE to post his superb, Ansel-esk, pictures (I hesitate to just call these pictures, more like gifts from God himself).

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