TV as a monitor?

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I will go against the grain with everyone else on this one.

Tareq Abdulla wrote:

Hi again,

I have a question that i couldn't sleep thinking about the answer, so here i can find the answers i hope.

What is your impression and judgement on using a TV [HD or Full HD] as a monitor regardless of the size of that TV? Do you see it better quality or because the PC is too weak or low to match the quality of the TV? Or i maybe the PC is too powerful for TV to match its quality? I was thinking about using my TV as a monitor rather than buying another monitor, what will be the pros and cons there?

Sure i will connect to the TV either with VGA if available or via HDMI if the Graphic Card[GPU] has that port.

I know people who use a TV for their computer all the time especially in a media center setup and it works perfectly. I have a 1080p 144" screened 3d projector in my media center connected to a media computer. Depends what you are going to do with it.

A tv at 1080p is close in resolutions close we ever had back in the days of CRT and will provide you with a great computing experience. People used WSXGA+ 1680x1050 for many years and it was considered a high resolution CTR monitor.

If you are going to use this computer to edit pictures, I would not use a TV because of the accuracy of displaying colors, if you are going to use it for gaming as long as it does not have a picture processing delay, I would use it for gaming

To browse the internet, watch youtube videos, to just about anything, I would use a TV that had 1080p, or even a projector above especially if I were teaching a computer class or maybe for immersive  gaming.

Again, it depends on what you use the computer for.

Would I use a TV as my primary monitor if I only had a single computer. Sure if I were on a budget or as a temporary measure until I could afford to buy a monitor, but you seem to be buying multiple computers and should be able to afford a decent monitor. If you already have a Apple Cinema screen, for your primary computer, what do you need a second computer for? A media computer?  In that case yes, use a good 1080p TV.

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