NO More D660 OIL threads PLEASE

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Re: NO More D660 OIL threads PLEASE

This attitude is precisely what will make a large, successful corporation with a long legacy go downhill. I really hope Nikon doesn't think in the same way, because once that "oh no no I don't want to hear about the problem! let me go shove my head into the sand" mentality is adopted, products will stop improving, and competitors (big and small) will jump ahead.

If that happens, the once reputable and dominant brand will basically become an empty shell.

But the OP is only advocating a cessation of threads on the subject. Nowhere in his post does he propose a halt to complaints and/or returns to Nikon, simply that people refrain from the constant reporting of the minutiae of their dust/oil experiences.

I'm against a cessation of threads on any subject, including the dust/oil issue. People have a right to discuss such things, and an issue like that is extremely relevant on a board like this. But IMO, how willing people are to just stuff their heads into the sand on hearing about problems is a far bigger problem, which was what I was referring to. Asking everyone to collectively stop discussing their experiences (attempting to shove the problem under the rug, at least on this board) isn't the right way to go.

Again, there's really no cause for complaint because anyone wishing to avoid hearing about the problem can easily do so (by not clicking on threads about it).

As the last few months have proved, internet fora have absolutely ZERO influence over Nikon.

That's not really relevant. Whether Nikon (or any other entity) cares shouldn't dictate the contents of threads.

btw, I'm a D600 owner. I don't mind seeing dust threads, left focus threads, AF issue in different light sources threads, and so on. At worst, there's a discussion similar to one I've already seen (but others may not have seen). At best, I get some new insight into problems Nikon is having.

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