Got my new D600 4 days ago, taken 200 shots and....Oil spots!

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Re: And life goes on.....

Dcjones wrote:

kiirokurisu wrote:

You (and the poster above) fail basic reading comprehension. My point was that these complaint threads add no new information - you only end up looking like a whiner. The issue is well known, the solutions are well known. /thread

No your point is that these "complaint threads" add no new information to YOU.

The issue is relevant to newer members looking for a full frame camera, and D600 owners in general that are starting to have issues.  Just look at the amount of responses to show how much interest there is in this subject.  There is plenty of information that is still not known to many.  Just because you don't care does not mean that nobody should talk about it.

YOU are the one that has no reason to complain.  You have a working D600. And until you are ready to swap it with a D600 with spots so your not soooo bothered by their owner's "annoying" complaints, then you are the one... whining.


I and many others have been getting bed-sores sitting on the fence about the D600 and its ongoing problems. These threads are valuable because we can see up-to-the-minute how Nikon is addressing the issue from people who've just bought the camera and, more importantly, from those who have had Nikon allegedly apply the "fix".

To kiirokurisu:

Please tell me the "well-known solutions" you are talking about. As far as I can tell they are:

1) clean the sensor yourself or send it to Nikon (temporary fix);

2) don't pay attention to the dust (easy for some, hard for others);

3) have Nikon do the FIX - replace the shutter and apply several pieces of double-sided tape in the chamber (some report improvement, others report problem reoccurs)

4) wait for Nikon to recall all D600 bodies and properly address the defects

5) wait for the D600s


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