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Tareq Abdulla wrote:

Well, it sounds that i shouldn't think about RAID-0 yet until i am aware about its pros and cons and then i am sure about what i want to do and how to do, i asked because i hear a lot about it so was curious what is there with RAID to be used, but for me now i don't see a big need to go that route yet, getting a new desktop very soon with high performance i feel i will be more than fine with just single SSD, and not any SSD, so i will pass that RAID for now but will keep reading about it and maybe one day i will give it a try.

I was thinking to buy another desktop after 6-7 months for tests only, but i will not buy high devices for it, maybe only i3 or i5, i saw Z77 motherboard cheap, so i may think to get another desktop for say $400-600 and then test RAID on it, don't want to make tests on my new i7 desktop and then restart things or trying to ix things if something bad happened.

There is a point of diminishing returns. That is where you are getting to. The SSD drives are so fast now, so you load the file in half a second. If you raid 0 2 SSD drives and cut that in half will you notice now it only takes a quarter second? Not really.

Now in large file transfers you will see a bigger difference, but do you do a lot of large file transfers often?

What I find Raid 0 good for is older spindle drives. Let say you raid together 3 1TB drives that transfer about 70mb per second. In large file transfers you will see that speed jump to just under 200mb per second. If you are working on videos on a SSD and move it to a raid 0  3TB spindle set, then the transfer would be a lot faster. But then you must question how many times do you do this to make it worth the extra price of buying 3 drives.

If you copy one image on from SSD to a slow 70mb transfer rate single spindle drive how long will it take, a 10th of a second. a 45mb raw file, under a second. Will you really notice a difference if you go to raid 0 with 3 drives? Not really.

So you have to figure out what you are trying to do. The best thing is when you have a system built if you feel it is slow or lacking in an area, you figure out the bottleneck and fix that. It could require an SSD or a Raid 0 for spindle drives, more memory, faster processor.

So can raid 0 be fast? Sure for file transfer or speeding up boot times by raiding a few slow spindle drives together in your system and but what are you going to use it for, what programs do you run, are you constantly coping data back and forth between drive. If you have a sata 6gb ssd in your system raiding ssds together will see only a tiny perceivable increase is some or I venture to say many cases.

If you are a gamer, you are going to put the most money into the video card because you want hiccup free smooth video, the hard drive will have less importance over the video card.

If you are running photoshop, most of the filters do not use a fast graphics card so an SSD and more memory would be important.

Point is, raid0 ssds together just for the heck of it for speed without looking at what you do with your computer may be a waste of money because you start hitting the point of diminishing returns, in other words, the money you spend for raid0 does not buy the peformance you think it will give you

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