hs50EXR Can bounce!

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Re: hs50EXR Can bounce!

Peter71951 wrote:


My hs50 fell out of the tripod mount last night whilst carrying it back into the house....and from a height of, oh, 3 feet, the camera landed on a hardwood floor and bounced about 5 inches high! Lens cap came off and the memory card door opened and that was it!
Doesn't appear to be any damage and, thus far, everything seems to be functioning fine.

Kinda thought the camera would stay in the mount but a lesson learned and, of course, you get what you pay for!


OK mr. Paul Till, now it's your turn to do this from a height of about 4 feet, because the X-S1 is more expensive. To proove that the X-S1 is more solid build than the HS50. We don't pay attention to the lens droop before or after.


I tote my XS1 with me all of the time in a soft bag attached to the rear rack of my ebike.

Last month I failed to zip up the flap and while zipping into my property I heard a clunk. The XS1 had popped out of the bag and threw itself onto the (hard packed clay) driveway. Height = 48"

I have always had a step-up ring and 72mm 'Nikon' pinch cap on this camera (love the pinch cap and have a lot of 72 filters). The cap was scratched and there was some dirt inside of the tripod mount....that was all I could see. The camera works as it did pre 'bouncing down the drive', no better....no worse. I am certain that if the lens had been extended and it had hit on that protrusion this story would have a different ending.


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