Got my new D600 4 days ago, taken 200 shots and....Oil spots!

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Re: And life goes on.....

leicaman wrote:

Please.... if that was a valid analogy those people "living with it" would be living with a car with no wheels on it....

In time the manufacturer replaced the model with a new one and the old one became history.  But that old car is still on the road and working fine for those who decided to live with it.

Um, it was allegorical.  Not literal.

Although in fact many people do choose to live with defective or less than perfect products. Sometimes the good out can outweigh the bad.  But each individual needs to make these decisions themselves.  No one shoe fits all.  And hopefully you're independent enough and self assured enough to make those decisions too, instead of relying on other people's opinions (including mine.)  But I'll say this once again: if you're angry and feel wronged by a particular manufacturer of commodities, then instead of continuing to yell out the window and taking Nikon's errors as a personal affront, just walk away from it.  Life goes on.  Yelling won't change what happened and you're only letting someone else (i.e., Nikon) get the best of you.  Put the lessons learned into that little file cabinet in your head and move on.....

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