Why so few 60D posts here?

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Re: Because it's obsolete

Jeff Peterman wrote:

The 7D line didn't exist when the 10D-50D came out. But because of the existence of the 7D, they had to change the direction of the xxD line a little to clearly differentiate the 60D from the 7D. In fact, that's the problem: if they make the 70D too good, why would anyone buy a 7D MKII?

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And if they make the 7DMK2 too good how will that affect 6D sales? Yes I know there is the sensor size difference but if Canon released a 7D2 with a high enough pixel count and low light response surely that would screw 6D sales. Bit of a rock/hard place conundrum for the Canon marketeers. I bet the tech guys have loads of great stuff they cannot release because of the marketeers.

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