Which NEX lenses have the "WOW" factor?

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Re: You didn't even read the OP's post, did you?..... (n/t)

blue_skies wrote:

Enir4 wrote:

I wonder what makes you think that. My answer to the header and to the sentence before last "So I was looking for some real life experience on which lenses give you that "wow" factor." is none, no nex lens gives me the wow factor, and I have the 10-18, 24, 50, 55-210 and the Sigmas 19 and 30. Some Zeiss, even some Canon L lenses gave me the wow factor, not any of the nex.


The OP posted:

  • "... and the improved IQ over my (Olympus APS-C DSLR) E-30.  While the kit lens is adequate, there's no "wow" factor like there is with my Zuiko 50-200 lens or 14-54 lens."

Both Olympus 50-200 and 14-54 lenses are zoom lenses with limited apertures.

If you had read his post, you'd understand that the OP's definition of "WOW" is different from your own.

Henry (we have the same name in different languages), the OP asks specifically "which lenses give you that "wow" factor.". *YOU*. Answer: NONE give ME the wow factor. Straight answer to a quastion that doesn't need further interpretation.

Besides, from your own post, you only have some, but not all, of the E-mount lenses, yet your answer covers them all...

Covers the best of them, with the exception of the 35mm which I had too and traded for the Sigma 30mm. No E lenses are supposed to be better than the 24, Sigma 30, 35 and 50. I have (the 35 I had) them all, no wow at all.

Even if you had replied with "None", but put it in context of your own definition, it would have made sense, but "None (n/t)" sounds as if you just 'shot from the hip' - hence my comment.


Sometimes there is nothing wrong with shooting from the hip. Straight question, instant answer.


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