New 5D MKIII Firmware 1.2.1

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Re: New 5D MKIII Firmware 1.2.1


Thanks for the input, you may have convinced me to go the polite route.

What's got me scratching my head though is; within an hour of me using the cam the problem showed up again. They had it for 3 weeks and said they never came across it. The main dial locks up and the playback button just won't work and does it often. The batt levels are a nightmare giving wrong levels and caught me out 3 times saying i had 38% or more and just dying minutes later. There is no low level or flashing on the top screen either. They said that the camera has a log of "all" errors and that locked up buttons and dials show up and that mine did not have any. The cam and batts are 3 months old so it is not because of age or rough treatment from me.

Glad the guy in charge took care of you. I drop the cam off at the centre and need to think of a way to get to somone like him. At canon in melbourne a lady at the front desk books the return in and the tecs don't deal with the public.

I'm sure the problem will  be fixed. It killed me to be without a cam for 3 weeks and i wish i did not have to go through it again. Oh well...


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