D600 Vs 6d...Wide-Field Astrophotography

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Re: D600 Vs 6d...Wide-Field Astrophotography

I'm facing exactly the same decision as the OP for this thread: Canon 6D vs Nikon D600.

I've had a Canon 5DmkII for 2 years now and it's served me well.  But I didn't feel like the 5Dmk3 was a great leap forward.  The Canon 6D is attractive, but all the "professional landscape photographers" who shoot during daylight.. they seem to prefer Nikon's..

And then I took a look at some video from the D600.  Was that really video?  Yegods, the landscape videos looked almost like stills at times.

Based on all the evidence I've seen, I've decided that I'll probably go with a Nikon D600.  It helps that I've been a fan of Nikkor glass for some time now.

I've already got all these Nikkor lenses:

28-85mm f/3.5

50mm f/1.4

20mm f/2.8

16mm f/2.8 (ordered, used, not here yet)

85mm f/2

135mm f/2.8

300mm f/4

Yes.. even tho I've only own Canon cameras, I've had the good sense to purchase Nikkor glass the last 2 years.

I'll probably get a Nikkor 24mm f/2 to sit in the sweet spot, to use for astro / night sky images. Those can be found.  Wish I could afford the well-regarded 14-24mm zoom, but that's another $2000 or so!

I do a lot of time-lapse sequences.. anybody with the D600 experience issues with battery life or long buffer times between images? I usually give the camera 2 seconds to buffer for a 25 second image anyhow, when I'm time-lapsing.

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