Lack of VR in Nikon 300mm f4 - big deal or not?

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Re: Lack of VR in Nikon 300mm f4 - big deal or not?

familypast wrote:

However, I want something that I can use hand-held, so am worried about the 300mm's lack of VR.  How big of a deal is this?

Handholding at 300 mm (or 420 mm with a converter) at relatively low ISO's for best image quality increases the chance of unsharp images due to camera shake at such a narrow angles of view.

However VR does little to reduce camera shake at shutter speeds faster than about 1/500 although it can help autofocus keep an erratically moving bird in focus in the viewfinder.

Many use a tripod with Gimbal type head to reduce camera shake whilst still being able to relatively easy follow a bird in the viewfinder.

Nikon are long overdue putting VR in the 300 mm f4. With this in mind I would buy second hand if you go for the Nikon prime. The Nikon is not a zoom but has better image quality and faster autofocus than the zoom. The zoom offers more convenience and reach.

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