Why I HATE the term "capture" for taking a photo...

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Re: Why I HATE the term "capture" for taking a photo...

Biggs23 wrote:

Dreemer wrote:

Biggs23 wrote:

Actually, creation is horribly inaccurate. A photographer creates nothing. The scene already exists, the photons of lights reflected off the scene already exist, the camera already exists, etc. Even the editing of an image isn't creation, it's manipulation of information that already exists.

I’d have to disagree with that, the scene doesn’t exist, the objects exist and are bathed in radiation but no image exists until a lens is introduced, therefore the lens/camera creates the image.

Alright. But in any case the photographer doesn't create the image, the camera does. We may manipulate the camera but we don't actually 'create' anything. Actually, at a base level, nothing is ever created or destroyed anymore, but that may be a different discussion.

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So Biggs, you'd say a sculpturer doesn't create his sculpture but the tools he uses does? A carpenter doesn't create a work, but his chisels and saws do instead.

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