RAID, to?

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Re: RAID, to?

Roland Wooster wrote:

What you should do depends upon your goals and your budget. Although to cut things short, I would suggest making a choice and then seeing how it goes and upgrading what is necessary from that point forward.

Given the number of questions you've posted I suspect that RAID-0 might be more hassle than would be optimal for you. It's extra work getting it setup, it benefits some things, but not everything, and it's extra complex if something goes wrong.

So long as you setup the BIOS in RAID mode, even if you're installing the OS onto a single drive, then it's pretty easy to migrate to RAID after the OS has been installed. If however you don't set the BIOS to RAID mode before installing the OS, then it's a lot harder to change to RAID without reinstalling.


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Well, it sounds that i shouldn't think about RAID-0 yet until i am aware about its pros and cons and then i am sure about what i want to do and how to do, i asked because i hear a lot about it so was curious what is there with RAID to be used, but for me now i don't see a big need to go that route yet, getting a new desktop very soon with high performance i feel i will be more than fine with just single SSD, and not any SSD, so i will pass that RAID for now but will keep reading about it and maybe one day i will give it a try.

I was thinking to buy another desktop after 6-7 months for tests only, but i will not buy high devices for it, maybe only i3 or i5, i saw Z77 motherboard cheap, so i may think to get another desktop for say $400-600 and then test RAID on it, don't want to make tests on my new i7 desktop and then restart things or trying to ix things if something bad happened.

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