Which is more economical on inks? Epson/Canon

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Re: Which is more economical on inks? Epson/Canon

Sal Baker wrote:

JulesJ wrote:

Tom-C wrote:

Do you mean the Epson R2000? I'm not aware that Epson has a current 2100 model.

See the printing cost reports at:


Their tests show a cost of $1.29 to print 11x14 with the Epson R2000 and $2.16 for the Canon Pro-10.


There was a 2100 in the UK, i think it was called the 2200 in the US. The trouble is with those sort of printers is that they only take tiny ink carts. Even the 3880 which is a good printer takes small carts and hence they are very expensive. If you can go bigger you will save money in the long run. and the bigger printers are not that much more expensive. my 7890 was £1600 ($2440 US)

A printer the size of the 7890 might be major overkill for the OP who says he doesn't print often and only prints up to 11x17.  Even the 3880 would probably last 3 years on the original carts at that kind of low printing volume.


Yes I do realise that the 7899 would be an overkill, let alone the physical size. I was just throwing out the benefits of ink costs on trag larger printers, plus the low cost of the printers relative to smaller ones.

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