Nikkor 24mm 2.8 AI

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Re: Nikkor 24mm 2.8 AI

I have one bought mostly for use with 52mm filters like 400X ND hoya

and IR . It's a nice lens with sharp center and quite sharp corners

if you focus on them. Otherwise the field curvature never allows

both center and corners to be sharp. The FC is negative at infinity

meaning that corners are more distant than center. I had noticed that

to get a sharp corner at infinity the lens should be focused at

about 10 meters (at 2.8). At 10 meters the center is not very sharp even if you stop down. Keep that in mind. At closer distances it does better. Otherwise a sweet lens but not

something special. Color is so-so, contrast is quite low, bokeh so-so.

Color and contrast against the 24 1.4 is day and night difference.

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