The Eye Of The Forest. (First D800 Pano)

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Re: The Eye Of The Forest. (First D800 Pano)

salamander1 wrote:

RomanJohnston wrote:

Had to go shooting this weekend, and the D800 is not disappointing me. This is a 6 shot pano that should print at 40" x 86" with insane detail. I am almost giddy with anticipation of printing this up. Should be equivalent to about 140MP.

Yall kept telling me...and I kept resisting. The D800 is the right tool for me.


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yes, very nice image, but oversharpened  in my opinion. shrubs and trees and stuff don't  respond well to extra sharpening in my opinion. my 2 cents. i'd leave the image alone at default settings in that respect.

Yes, (when viewed at the large size)...the greenery region does indeed look a tad over sharpened. Many folks have a tendency to do this...when in reality...most things in nature are not actually very sharp at all...but have rounded/smooth edges, etc.

Also IF this was MY image (which I realize it is not   I would probably add a little "selective lighting" in order to bring out the cave region detail somewhat more. Of course, not to be over done...but just enough to make that region pop a little more...which will increase the sensation of "depth" too - I reckon.

Nice composition, I like it.


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