First Post - D800 soon, Please Advise: Which first two lenses?

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Don't just decide to go with a D800 because a lot of people are moving from DX to FX and the D800 is probably the best FX DSLR out there.   FX isn't a natural 'upgrade path' from DX.  It's more of a different beast altogether, with different strengths and weaknesses.

DX strengths - size, weight, price.   Greater depth of field.   More lens choices (since you can use either DX or FX lenses).

FX strengths - high ISO capability (in general), wider wide angles, shallow depth of field.

Thing is, IQ is not in favor of either format.  IQ is excellent either way.   It's mostly dependent on the sensor, and what's great today will be average in a couple of years.

I'm often reminded of the weaknesses of my D800e, depending on what I shoot.   Frame rate?  I miss 8fps from my D300 and D700.   Depth of field?  Have to stop down more than I expect.  edge-to-edge sharpness?  I have very few lenses that are truly good into the corners (and I have some pretty good and pricy lenses).   While I love the quality of the D800e files, they also come with that size penalty.    If Nikon comes out with a D400, using a modern 24mp DX sensor, with 8fps, I'll be buying one of those for wildlfe most likely.

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