Worth it to upgrade from an HS10 to HS50?

Started Apr 22, 2013 | Questions thread
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lauredis wrote:

Hey guys and girls,

For the past 2 years I got a fantastic HS10. 30x zoom , all around camera. And I still am learning it.

In short I can sell this for 200Euros and give 250E more for the HS50 but is it worth it really?

So far I am really happy with it for Landscapes and Architecture, less happy for indoors.

Even night scenery is awesome with the HS10. Bracketing and HDR is a serious plus.

Occasionally I take a video or 2 of a lecture but the HD stops every 30mins

Also I cannot use at the same time an external monitor like the normal camcorders do.

The stabilization mechanism could be better but I consider that I have quite steady hands.

Blurring the background is really difficult if not impossible. Since HS50 has the same f stops I get that it also might be hard to get blurred backgrounds.

From the specifications I cannot say that there are so major differences that could excuse the 250E more for the HS50

What do you say?

... I had the HS10 and really enjoyed it. Some stuff about it here - HS10 Posts

I bought the HS30 EXR some months back and I then bought the HS50 EXR a month ago.

My advice, don't go from the HS10 to the HS30 EXR. Get the HS50 EXR. IQ is the same but the HS50 EXR has much better balance, better ergonomics and usability and, above all, much faster write times than the HS30 EXR.

Some of my images - My HS50 EXR - Edits Gallery

The settings I am using - HS50 EXR - My Current Settings


Some of my samples

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Cheers, Dave

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