How do you delete your unneeded photos or do you hoard them like me?

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Re: How do you delete your unneeded photos or do you hoard them like me?

sethmarshall wrote:

Thanks, Billythek for your input - under what criteria do you keep of the 10% of landscapes you do?  If a certain landscape clearly isn't something I am proud of, as long as focus is good I still find it hard to delete because it reminds me of the experience.

As for family gatherings, that's the hardest for me.  I may fire off a dozen of my baby in rapid succession, and even when there is clearly a best photo, unless focus is way off it's hard for me to delete anything even in the same set.  Maybe it's my video background, but I appreciate all the minute expression changes and can't delete.

Do others simply keep everything?  Or do most of you find the best and be done with it?

Good question, and one I've been asking myself. As a new dad, I've been taking [insert a really high number that is too embarrassing for me to admit] pics of the little guy on a daily basis. I've tried to cull about half if they're not sharp enough or he doesn't have a cute expression (which I find is rarely the case -- although I may be biased!). But then I still have 10 sharp pics of essentially the same position, each of which has a slightly different cute facial expression. What to do?

I've been selecting the 1 or 2 best shots for the day as favorites, so I have my 100 best shots to post or show off or look at. I know I won't look over thousands upon thousands of shots, let alone show them to anyone. But I am loathe to throw them away.

So my workflow is: shoot in RAW. Review and delete the obvious bad/blurry ones, or ones that are almost identical (20-50% of the shots). Keep all the rest in RAW. Pick my favorites (average 1 or 2 a day), and edit them in Lightroom, then save to JPG.

So I've just been filling up hard drives with all the "pretty good" RAW files. Maybe not ideal, but I can quickly find my favorites, and have all the decent shots in RAW just in case. One day I may decide to cull the pretty good shots -- it will be easier if I find I've never looked at them a few years later.

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