12MP, 16MP or 24MP for the 17-55 lens?

Started Apr 19, 2013 | Questions thread
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Maybe a different planet?

MiraShootsNikon wrote:


That's right, you quote freakin' Thom Hogan as some kind of authority on . . . something.  Thom is the Ron Burgundy of the photographic blogosphere: his posts "smell of finely bound leather books and rich mahogany," but seldom include a worthwhile photograph and never link to a professional portfolio of any kind.  "I'm kind of a big deal," his language says, but his photography--or complete lack thereof--definitely says otherwise.

Man, anyone can have opinions about gear, but Thom's results (like this week's Muskrat Love blog header) suggest his aren't exactly of the "authoritative" variety.

Great troll, Mira Burgundy. You're a real hoot but at least you're fearlessly unafraid of displaying your own confusion.

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