Why I HATE the term "capture" for taking a photo...

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I think you need a new camera.

jess shudup wrote:

Your camera IS or something will no longer allow you to capture an image correctly, perhaps you need a FF :). Although this image could pass for a cheap copy of what some people might call modern art it lacks any creativity and could be captured by a child using some random chance act of throwing the camera across the room. When you get your camera fix or take a picture instead of letting your child or dog accidentally capture something. Let me know. I will take a look.

You are such an idiot even my one-eared dog Vincent agrees.

Really you should step away from the crack pipe if you think this is a good picture and that your dog can agree with you. It is ok to talk to the dog, but when he starts answering back or agreeing with you means you smoked a few too many crack rocks. Good luck with that.

Also, you did not tell me if I got the picture right. You also have no answer to my digital audio recorder vs digital camera argument. But you were able to attack me personally. I find when people resort to personal attacks they already lost the debate a long time ago.

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