Would you buy a camera with Inherent Quirks?

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Would you buy a camera with Inherent Quirks?

I am writing this after I had experienced buying cameras with inherent quirks which I
can or cannot live with. I will give you a few examples so that you can understand what
I mean.

Nex 3 and Nex 5
When these 2 models were released users were quite upset with the user menu/interface,
which fortunately were rectified via Major firmware update. Even then there were lack
of dedicated function buttons and the menu is still cluncky, only the later models
these problems were addressed Nex 6 and Nex 7.

Fujifilm X10 or X20
The serious "Orb" problem/quirk from X10 was later rectified by Fujifilm at no cost to
the owner.
The current X20, its jpeg outputs are below par, it was reported by owners/users that
they smear on certain shots and Noisy even at low ISO unless the NR is set to -2 then
the noise would go away. At Retail price of of $599 in US would you buy it with these
inherent quirks?

Olympus EPL-1
I own this camera and have first hand knowledge, I paid a premium price of $650(already
discounted when it was released). I bought this camera when I start learning about
photography and my knowledge about cameras were lacking. The quirks were:
1. Blurring at certain speed(mine 1/60 and 1/80)
2. No lumination lamp/led and very difficlt to focus low light
3. Relatively slow focus
4. Low light images below par
All these quirks were somewhat fixed with later models like EPL-3 and EP-3, with my
EP-3 I don't experience blurring(serious problem to me)images at all. To make matter
worse the manufacturer does not want to hear about the blurring problem.

My Take
Camera quirks can be serious to some users but not to others. To me they become really
serious especially when the camera is selling at premium price and I buy it that price,
e.g. X20 or EPL-1 when they were released. However EPL-1 buyers can live with the EPL-
1s' quirks(these were not fixed via the latest firmware update) if he/she pays the
current price of $150-$200 incl. kit lens.

Lesson learned, when a camera manu. first release their camera series e.g. Sony NEX or
Oly EP series they are bound to experience a few problems(inherent quirks) and later
rectified in firmware update and/or new models. BTW Panasonic mirrorless cameras do no
seem to experience serious quirks(I own GF1 a very good camera, a minor quirk being the
Jpeg color).

In future I will NOT buy any cameras whose quirks I cannot tolerate or live with, e.g.
below par Jpeg, noisy at low ISOs, Smearing on Jpeg, blurring at certain speed, cannot
focus in low light, below par low light performance, etc, the main reason I don't want
to spend time PP my images. As a general guide I will rather buy run out models, e.g.
5n, EP-3, etc because all the minor/major quirks already fixed via firmware update and
more importantly I can get them at a really discounted price.

The Sony 5n and Oly EP-3 are really two excellent cameras with their current firmware.
Both selling at really discounted price. Lately I bought my EP-3 for $345 incl. kit
lens and 5n for less than $500 incl. kit lens.

This is rather lengthy write up. Thanks for reading.

Fujifilm X10 Fujifilm X20 Panasonic Lumix DMC-GF1 Sony Alpha NEX-7
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