Most powerful remote?

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Re: Most powerful remote?

I don't really have a better remote to recommend, but I did want to make a few comments. This same remote is sold by several different names, they all have the same physical shape, with the buttons in the same place. It is a generic remote for Sony from one or more sources in China. Only the plastic cover with the buttons and brand name is changed.

As with most cheap Chinese electronics, performance of a specific example is a crap shoot. My copy of this remote, from rainbow imaging, cost $1.95 and works well up to about 25 feet outdoors on a fairly cold, but not frigid, day. It will occasionally work at about 30 feet but is not reliable. I have not bothered to make further tests since I don't need more than it presently does.

I bought it knowing there was a chance it would have poor performance, but since I was also buying a couple of lens adapters shipping was free, so I figured for $1.95 why not. I was lucky and got a good one.

Have you replaced the battery? With this kind of product it isn't too unusual to get a bad battery in a new product.

If you are a little experienced with electronics you could make a few small modifications that may improve the range, but you will be limited if you want to keep the same enclosure.


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