First Post - D800 soon, Please Advise: Which first two lenses?

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Anthony Nadia wrote:

...I'm not about to question why you as a beginner are considering a D800.  As a matter of fact, I applaud you for having the good instincts to buy something superb, sophisticated and flexible that you won't grow out of in a year.

Thank you for the kind words.  My quest started in the DX models and I was soon convinced that FX was where I wanted to be based on the number of folks I'd noticed selling their DX to go FX.  Many of them were going to the Canon (E6?) model which is a pretty nice price right now.  But something about the feel of the Nikon, and the numbers of people I'd noticed embracing them in the forums led me that way.  I'm a technology guy, so I can appreciate specs, but what I really like is that in 10 years, this will still be a great camera.  So front loading the investment will not be a waste like over-buying a PC now would be in say.. 10 years.  So in short, why not?  

I think I'll have three lenses in short order, but the one that I get WITH the D800 will be the discounted lens, so I want to leverage the maximum discount.

Lens Sale

That's the page I'm looking at.  If I'm ultimately going to get a lens from the top row, better to get it now if you know what I mean.  hehe

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