Why I HATE the term "capture" for taking a photo...

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Capture is a fine term. I think you need some perspective

Capture suggests both the intent and a success, like in Chess where the intent is to capture the King, and success comes when he is caught.

It's a short but descriptive word that successfully replaces a phrase and therefore makes communication more efficient.

It may also suggest some luck, but to believe there is no luck involved in photography is a little naive.

Any shot of a live/moving subject requires anticipation because there is always a delay in the capture process. The shorter the delay, the less chance plays a role, which is why pros pay lots of money for cameras with near instant response and high frames per second (and the buffer speeds to deal with them). Clearly skill and preparation can go a long way to offset chance, but there is always some variable element which is why we take multiple shots to maximise the chance of success.

There is also a black-out period during capture, so you may not know what you caught, which is why the immediacy of review with digital cameras is so valuable.

This is when you discover if you got the eye or the nose, or the branch or the bird, etc. Nobody has a 100% success rate, so again, the ones where you do catch the moment and the focus and the exposure right are your true captures, your successes.

Adding highlights like 'I HATE' and 'Hipsters' to your post suggests you need to get a bit of perspective. Which means opening yourself up to various viewpoints.


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