Tethered shooting software for D800 ?

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Re: Tethered shooting software for D800 ?

I am using a Nikon D800 tethered. I find it's difficult to keep a connection sometimes but I have

a long usb 2 extension with activator and a powered hub shooting to Capture one Pro 7.1, pricey yes, but probably the best capture setup.

I still find I need to use the free Nikon transfer 2 software to help connect the camera, there are surely some unresolved issues but it usually connects after a few shutter releases with this setup and is definitely worth it due to the large beautiful files, admittedly below the 3000 iso range.

no help from Capture One or Nikon or Apple and a lot of bogus cords and powered hub out there

that are not good enough.

I think it's a usb 2-3 problem and Apple hasn't embraced this connection because they want

everyone to use thunderbolt soon.

hope that helps the pain in the ass situation for you



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