Obama backs Internet sales tax bill

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Re: Obama backs Internet sales tax bill

Doc Mo wrote:

True about "showrooming". I'm in Michigan, where are the nice camera stores? Can't seem to find any near me that count.

I've been waiting on the 5DIII. I was tempted when it was $3490 as the kit and waited too late. Now it's up to $3800 or so. If it comes back down to $3500 range within next week or so, I'm in. Of course, taxes might kick in as early as this week.

I am in Michigan as well. When we did taxes 2 weeks ago, the state form asked about internet purchases so I don't get your concern unless you're lying about your internet purchases. My wife and I went through and found about 7 thousand dollars worth of internet purchases via Amazon and some other retailers and we reported it all because you sign your taxes saying you're being truthful. I look forward to having the process become more formalized as it saves us a lot of time trying to add up our purchases each April. Norman Camera has a decent presence online, but they have a shop right in my city. The only reason I didn't buy my 6D from them is that they were $100 more than B&H before taxes.

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