Kit Lens for OMD EM-5: 14-42 or 12-50

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Re: Kit Lens for OMD EM-5: 14-42 or 12-50

clee08 wrote:

Hi Everyone,

I'm close to pulling the trigger on an Olympus OMD EM-5. There are two options for kit lenses. How does the image quality compare between the 14-42mm and the 12-50mm? The 14-42mm is more compact (which is one of the reasons I'm looking at the OMD), but am giving up much in terms of quality? Ignoring the obvious difference in focal lengths, which one do you prefer?

I envision eventually stepping up to one or more primes, but I also like the flexibility of a standard zoom lens for travel. Is there another standard zoom lens that I should consider in lieu of the kit lens?
Thanks in advance for your feedback.

Panasonic is going to announce and if I recall correctly a revised 14-140 zoom lens.  Tamron going oing to put out a 28-300 equivalent lens.  Just go to the B&H photo web site and you can see all the lenses that will work.

check the 43 rumors web site to see what's going on too.

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