New pc build with i7 3770K

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Re: New pc build with i7 3770K

Tareq, the Momentus XT has only a few GB of SSD like performance, it's basically a NAND cache on a magnetic drive, but only has typically 8GB of space (I think, perhaps 16GB in some models, i'm not sure), so once you've written 8GB of files to the drive the performance will drop to standard magnetic speeds, which for a 2.5" drive is pretty slow, perhaps about 100MB/s. Additionally, being only 8GB or 16GB means it only has 1 or 2, 4 at most, memory die on it, so there's not honestly all that much performance that can be achieved even in the NAND part of the device. Conversely, a 120GB drive will have at least 15 memory die which can be run in parallel for dramatically faster performance.

A high quality SSD on the other hand will maintain 400-500MB/s continuously, whether reading or writing, and for the full capacity of the drive.

With respect to magnetic media drives: an advantage of a 3TB 3.5" drive, even if you only need 500MB of actual space is the performance will be far higher for the first 500MB of a 3TB drive, and the latency better, than if you fill a 500MB drive. In fact, due to magnetic density, and using the outer tracks, it might even be as much as 3x faster, along with far lower track to track latency making small file access faster too.


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