New pc build with i7 3770K

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Re: New pc build with i7 3770K

If you're considering 2*128GB SSD's versus a 240GB here's the trade offs:

If you are connecting the SSD's to the main 6 SATA ports on the Intel chipset, you can run them simultaneously and achieve greater total bandwidth, so two drives could nominally be faster. If you either set them up as a RAID-0 or if you have applications that can pull data from both drives simutlaneously you could get a performance benefit from two drives - but this is unlikely.

Most of my PC's have a RAID-0 arrangement of two SSD's for the boot/programs. This is probably the best configuration for most scenarios.

However, the single 240GB may actually be faster than a single 128GB drive, as it will be designed to run more memory channels in parallel within the drive than the 128GB version (probably). If you run RAID-0 you double the channels yourself, but if you're running as two drives separately you will probably have worse performance than a single 240GB.

If you connect the drives to "extra" SATA ports, beyond the standard 6 on the motherboard then you'll likely suffer other controller bottlenecks, such as single channel PCIe bandwidth, so unless you really know what you're doing, it's best to avoid the Marvell and other controllers.

Finally, be sure to use the SATA GenIII (6Gbps) ports on the motherboard when you connect a SSD to it. If you have an Intel 6-Series, or 7-Series (Cougar Point, or Panther Point) motherboard you'll have two SATA Gen III ports connected to the chipset - use these.


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