Buying the NEX-5R but deciding on a lens... want a portable GOOD camera

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Buying the NEX-5R but deciding on a lens... want a portable GOOD camera

I typically shoot with a Sony a850 and a zeiss 24-70 f2.8. I'm spoiled with it and hate my old P&S now. However, I'm a busy mom with two kids, and there are just some outings where my 850 is just too big and I need something small and easy. I can forego SOME quality, but not all of it! I've been reverting some to my a330, but I want a camera w/ video, and the 330 doesn't have it. My P&S did video, but I lost the camera somewhere and I really miss the video ability! Anyway, I think I'm going to sell my a330 and get the NEX-5R to be more of a pocket. I'm hoping that it has the portability of a P&S, with the quality of a DSLR (although, I know it won't be a full-frame).

Anyway, my family is moving this summer and taking a cross-country drive, so I'd really like to go ahead and get my  next camera. But, with the costs of moving, I can't buy ALL the toys I'd like to get. I'm trying to decide which lens(es) I'd like/need to do what I want. Ideally I'd like the 16mm 2.8 lens, the 18-55 kit zoom, AND the 55-210. But, I can't do that upfront. With kids (who don't always schedule their cute moments to be during daylight with good light around), I also need/want the flash.

So... I was thinking about just getting the 16mm lens. I'm not sure HOW wide-angle it is. It would make the camera a great, portable, "purse camera" because it's so small, but it wouldn't be a good basic option if it makes everyone look extra big. Ok... *I* don't want to look extra big in all our pictures!  I would love a wide-angle option for landscape, but I was hoping it would be a good all-around lens that could just stay on the camera. Any experience with it?

The 18-55 might be the way to go. Everyone talks down kit lenses, so I hesitated with it, but for daily use, a basic zoom might be good.

Eventually I'd like the 55-210, but I'm guessing that it's too big to be my everyday, "stay on the camera" lens.

I know some people just use lenses from previous cameras, but I really want a compact lens that was made for a compact mirrorless camera. My main motivation here is to have a small camera that's easy to carry around.

Help? Experience? Money is tight right now with our pending move, and I can't afford to keep buy lens after lens.

Thanks so much!! (sorry this is so long!)

NEX5R Sony Alpha DSLR-A330 Sony Alpha DSLR-A850
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