Obama backs Internet sales tax bill

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If you don't like sales tax move to New Hampshire

James Cricket wrote:

Suave wrote:

This tax is demanded by the states, and the states, by a large margin are governed by the Republicans.   If you count governors and exclude states with no sales tax you endup with 2:1 ratio.

jcampy wrote:

Democrats have never seen a tax they didn't like.

Exactly. They trumpet tax cuts and freedoms but try to get you through the back door while catering to corporate interests and "defending" marriage.  'Merica

First off, this isn't a tax, it's simply an improved mechanism for collecting existing taxes.  If you're lucky enough to already live in New Hampshire you're still going to get most things tax free because there's no sales tax in New Hampshire.

And many states offset a low or non-existent income tax with sales tax, so being able to properly collect sales taxes is something they would like.   To collect taxes outside of their state, however, likely requires the intervention of the federal government (a legitimate use of the "interstate commerce clause").

I think it's silly to blame Obama or Republicans for this; it's a deficiency in the sales-tax structure that wasn't really important until large-scale shipping of products across state lines became common.

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