That "L" lens "look" - Canon v Sigma 35mm1.4

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Re: That "L" lens "look" - Canon v Sigma 35mm1.4

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So what do you think? Does any undefinable quality of the Canon lens overcome the technical superiority of the Sigma lens?

I have used both and settled with the Sigma. I liked it just a bit more - and value wise, in my personal opinion, it is a clear winner.

But, as you say, it is very subjective, and there certainly is room for disagreement (as there should be in any rational discussion about which of two fine lenses is better!)

I totally agree with you that sharpness isn't everything. And if I already owned the Canon, or the Zeiss, then I wouldn't consider trading for the Sigma. I'm fairly certain that all these 35's are more than capable of delivering top quality images.

If both lenses were the same price I doubt you would have the Sigma on your camera right now.

I am not married to Canon (I had a Nikon D70 for many years and a Sony for a spell after that). But I wanted to figure out lenses before I bought into my next system (I ended up going with the Canon 6D, fwiw). And, I spent hours comparing the Canon 35/1.4 to the Sigma 35/1.4 on Flickr looking at the shots I like to shoot (largely wide open using available light). My conclusion is that I liked the Sigma better. I did not compare these lenses at f/5.6 or f/8 so perhaps the Canon becomes the choice - I honestly don't know. But I don't buy a fast prime to stop down as there are plenty of good lenses at f/8 that are cheaper.

agree, one buys these lenses to shoot f1.4-f2

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