Pre-Sharpened K5II studio comparison file compared to K5IIs file

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Re: One of the things I mean to try is ...

philzucker wrote:

Russell Evans wrote:

... to download the K-5IIs raw files and try the PhotoNinja Raw developer which claims to have a better raw conversion for cameras without AA filters on them.

Thanks for the link, Russel.

On the same page they also write:

"For most photographers, we recommend using cameras with antialiasing filters. Antialiasing substantially reduces the risk and severity of demosaicing artifacts and moire. Apparent softness can be effectively overcome with Photo Ninja's excellent sharpening filter, which uses deblurring technology that can effectively compensate for antialiasing blur."

So NIK's RAW pre-sharpener is of course not the only game in town for fighting the AA filter blur ...


Photo Ninja's sharpening is a deconvolution process, and I can attest that it is excellent, the best, in fact, that I have ever used.  There are other programs that offer deconvolution--ACR/LR, DxO, Photoshop (Smart Sharpen), Topaz In-Focus and others.  I do not know if Nik's Pre-sharpening is deconvolution as well.


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