Which NEX lenses have the "WOW" factor?

Started Apr 22, 2013 | Discussions thread
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Enrique & Keith: I'm afraid I do agree with you...

Enir4 wrote:

I wonder what makes you think that. My answer to the header and to the sentence before last "So I was looking for some real life experience on which lenses give you that "wow" factor." is none, no nex lens gives me the wow factor, and I have the 10-18, 24, 50, 55-210 and the Sigmas 19 and 30. Some Zeiss, even some Canon L lenses gave me the wow factor, not any of the nex.

(KeitII = second post from the top) = "none" it is. I've tried all E-mount primes released so far (by Sony & Sigma) + the 10-18, and yet they've all left me cold. Some are sharp indeed, but none has that untangible oomph we feel when images taken through a lens just give us a deep feeling of joy, acomplishment and personal pleasure...   


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