Using a D7100 in AUTO mode???

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Very well said, toomanycanons.  There are people who would like help or advice but it is good to wait for an opening where they ask for it.  I met a young lady at a zoo shoot.  She complained that her D5100 was not a good camera and she was going to get a different system.  I asked her why.  She said it just did not focus well.  She let me look at her settings.   It turned out she was in full auto focus.  I showed her how to select af-s, single point and off she went happy with her camera able to get the eagle nice and clear.  It turned out she took a photography course where the basic settings of a dslr were never discussed.  She got a good grade but had no handle on her camera.  I am not sure I would have opened the eyes of the op's D7100 owner without his seeking some improvement.  Perhaps to make him so unhappy he might hand it to me.

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