Lens correction and Photo Ninja

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Re: Yes, but

Robgo2 wrote:

I believe that they did say that they would support a user to user lens profile sharing system, but I guess it has taken a back seat to other needs.

I understand that they have limited resources and that something like this is very low on their priority list but it would be nice if there was some way for users to set this up.

It was relatively easy for me to create a profile for my Samyang 14mm and, I suppose, that is the lens that needed distortion correction the most, but it would be nice to see if someone else's corrections are better than mine. And it would be nice to have distortion correction for more than my single UWA lens since I also have quite a few mid range and telephoto lenses.

Perhaps they could be convinced to set something like a forum up if they did not have to actually support it. Perhaps they could find a couple of users who have the time to do some minimal support for a PhotoNinja forum and also arrange for file swaps for photo distortion. Something like that would make the product more useful for many people as well as provide support for new customers.

Still, I suppose they have their hands full.

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