Why I HATE the term "capture" for taking a photo...

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Re: Wrong, wrong, and wrong again

jess shudup wrote:

You took the picture above, you did not create the parking garage, someone could walk up behind you and take the exact same picture, they no more created anything than you did, though they might have copied your idea or perspective.

I created the image, I created the title, and no, someone could not walk up behind me and take the same picture.

If you shot the image from a camera, I would say you photographed it, or shot it or maybe even "captured" it (which as I explore this idea. capture may be a perfect word, because create does not fit.

(What is it a picture of, anyway?)

It appears to be a group of windows that have been captured in a reflection in a piece of glass. The is a secondary piece of glass and refection of windows that is also in the first reflection.

I would guess, you shot down at an angled piece of glass that angled toward another piece of glass and both point to the windows on the ceiling, unless the picture is upside down then the windows were on the floor.

Hell, I can't even take the same picture.

Do you have any idea of what you are seeing, much less saying?

Regardless of what you photographed it doesn't change anything.

BTW- I listened to Beethoven.  What a crock.  I've heard all those notes before. He didn't create a darn thing.

Did Beethoven take a digital recording device and take an audio snapshot of a song or sound that already existed and say... I created this. No he didn't and a camera like a digital audio recorder records a shapshot of light in a similar way. In both cases, nothing was created, it was recorded.

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