Pancake lenses greater than 20mm focal length

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Re: M43 pancake rundown

Anders W wrote:

Art_P wrote:

focal length    FF eq.     length

14mm f2.5      28mm   20.5mm Panasonic

17mm 2.8      35mm    22mm    Olympus

20mm 1.7       40mm   25.5mm  P

30mm 2.8       60mm    38.6mm  Sigma

14-42 X        28-84mm   26.8mm P

There's also a 15mm f8 'body cap lens' that is no bigger than a body cap, but more of a toy than precision lens.

Calling the Sigma 30/2.8 a pancake is stretching it a bit in my opinion. The lens is nearly 40 mm long. Pretty compact, but hardly a pancake. No trouble with the rest of your summary.

I would`t call the 14-42 a pancake.

I`d call the Sigma 30mm a good budget option that is still small enough even though its no pancake.

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