Replacement parts for the outer part of the 60D LCD?

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Re: Replacement parts for the outer part of the 60D LCD?

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When the 60D and 600D came out with swivel screens the Luddites, worryworts, and naysayers all said they will be weak and break all the time. My guess is that you can't find replacement parts because they are strong and "never" break. 

Yes, the negative reaction to the articulating screen by many was hard to comprehend. I think its because they saw these screens on P&S cameras, thinking it is not a "professional" feature. That, and a lack of imagination regarding its many creative and practical uses.

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Sam K., NYC

Simply put, articulating screens are prone to breakage, and that's probably the reason for some of the negativity.   You'll probably never see one on a 1-series body.

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Is this from personal experience? I have had the S2, S5, SX10 G11 and 60D, all with the swivel screen. Not one problem in any of the cameras. I haven't heard too many complaints on the forums about the swivel screens breaking. I think folks assume they would be prone to breaking due to how delicated they can seem to be. That just isn't the case. I think Canon has nailed the swivel screen design.

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