How reliable/delicate are IS lenses?

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Re: How reliable/delicate are IS lenses?

xboxer wrote:

I'm considering upgrading a couple of my non-IS lenses because the IS would really come in handy for my usage habits lately. Namely, the Canon 70-200F4 and 100mm macro. This may be a non-issue and hence the reason I don't see it discussed often.... but are IS lenses more "delicate" than non-IS lenses?

Like most of us, I treat my gear extremely well but crap happens. My lenses may take a little bump now and then. I have never dropped one but I guess even that is a possibility! So can I expect IS lenses to hold up to regular use just as well as non-IS lenses? Even after 10 or 15 years of regular usage? Maybe some light bumps here and there, some bouncing around in my hiking pack etc.

What about an accidental drop? Would that be instant death for an IS lens versus the possibility of survival for the non-IS version? Or is the weakest point of a lens the focusing elements, glass etc? And not the IS mechanics?

I have both lenses. The 70-200 f4L IS, is built to last, thanks to very good plastic materials. The 4 stop IS works beautifully. I have had excellent results at 200mm with 1/13 sec. The 100L f2.8L IS macro it is also built to high standards, and the IS works extremely well, specially with video.

While I would not recommend to drop them into concrete, they are tough enoug to stand bumps into doors and the like (both lenses should be used with their hoods at all times, just in case).


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