Several unhappy x100s owners posting, but look at this and tell me...

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Re: Several unhappy x100s owners posting, but look at this and tell me...

94 wrote:

max metz wrote:

I particularly like the first and the last frame jaxwired, wonderful camera control and excellent composition - your b&w skills are superb. Best to you.

So do I, like the first and last final products, Jaxwired, especially much the first and I think it's best as a monochrome shot. The grey shadings are super!.

The tree is really pretty awful as first posted and the proof is in your second "guilty as charged" posting. It's much better without the extreme saturation slider, IMO, although I leave photos to their creators generally and if you like it in the first post by all means keep it that way. I won't be buying a print.

I can't remember a post claiming poor quality from an owner of an X100s though I've sure seen a lot of them from owners of the X100. Usually I just dismiss such things as from people squirmy about paying the price of the new version. I can understand that as it was a heavy hit for me to buy the newer and be left wondering how much of the older's cost I can recover. I've even bought an extra case, two choices of soft button, a lens shade with adapter ring, a cheap filter, and an extra thumb lever to sweeten the pot in my eventual eBay auction. The buyer of my X100 will get one with condiments!

X100 is a great camera. I think X100s is an improved x100 but I've yet to try it on for fit to me as it's in the hands of UPS for delivery tomorrow (I hope). I think I'll enjoy and appreciate the improvements but won't be able to detect differences in IQ...we'll see.

Something called some of your shots "without PP". I see it as that ALL jpeg files are post processed files. Even if you don't touch it the camera's jpeg engine or processor does and there are detectable differences in how well they do it. Shooting RAW avoids that mostly although we are still at the mercy of our various RAW converters.

Keep shooting...that first shot reveals that you've got an artist's eye.

Thanks for your kind words.

I agree, the tree is over processed. Still I think  that some post processing would improve the shot.  It doesn't pop in its unprocessed form.  I just went too far.  It's easy to get carried away and the line between adding some pop and making it garish is a fine one.

I guess I'm not a purist when it comes to post processing.  To the contrary I feel like its just one more step in the art creation process that I want to master.   But I do agree that subtle changes are usually best.  Less is more when it comes to post processing.

i also don't really care if post processing degrades a picture at the pixel level if it looks better to the naked eye.  But in this case I should have posted the pics as they came out of the camera.

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