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Simon, surely you joke....

Simon Joinson wrote:

Many - perhaps all - of these problems are specific to certain older browser and OS combinations (and are not by design), and fixing them is no small undertaking. We are working on an update that should fix most of them.


I use the latest version of Opera on a Win7 machine.  So it's not an old browser on an old OS. There are still multiple problems. As an example, clicking BOLD or ITALICS stays clicked. You cannot turn it off so you have to write everything and then hope you don't want bold or italics because if you then highlight some text to convert to bold, you don'y want to highlight some other text to italicize because it will be bold as well. Joke. And note that having cut a lot of this response, your response is in 2 colours. Joke. Inserting an emoticon (which is only an image) - unless it's one in the DPR list - causes the image to be centred in a line, not merely appended to the end of the text you've just writted. Why must every image be centred?

In this thread there is not one single compliment aimed at your editor. Granted, 2 versions ago it was clunky but it did work. This, and the previous version are junk. For whatever reason your editor will not accept BBCode. Why not? is it because your staff don't know how to allow it? Why is there a problem with a responder typing [b] to enter bold text or [i] for a responder to enter italicised text? You can leave your top 'menu bar' for people to use, just don't deny the rest of us the opportunity to enter text as we see fit. Same with coloured text. You don't have a menu tab for colour so why not allow [color=blue] if a responder wants blue text?

I pointed you to a free and entirely established editor which you dismissed. your and DPR's loss.

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