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Roland Wooster wrote:

Tareq - 8GB RAM doesn't make much sense, that'll be either 2*4GB or 4*2GB, either way, a bad choice for you. You should be getting 8GB sticks, and ideally using at a bare minimum 2, but better still, 3 or 4. As your X79 is a 4 channel system.

The Graphics card doesn't seem like a good option either, I would suggest an Nvidia 660 minimum for what you've been talking about. The 630 mentioned in this thread would be a poor performer even with 4GB memory - which is a little much honestly. If you're looking to keep the cost down, but get something useful, I suggest the 660 with 2GB.


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My point is, i get whatever machine is now locally, then i change what it needs to be changed, all the processors and parts are very expensive here, but i should get something from here, so i decided to go with processor and motherboard and case from here, and whatever RAM and Graphics card they add i will replace it, i can't ask them to put 16/32GB as it will cost me around $300-400 here, while i can buy that only and with shipping it may not reach even $200, so i will save more buying the RAM online, and also the graphics card the model you recommend me will be cheaper purchasing online, ofcourse 8GB and some cheapo graphic card will not cut it down, but i will go with what they add, the man told me that he ordered the processor and the motherboard from one company maybe a dealer from big city, the GPU/RAM/Fan/Power supply those are from his store, so i can ask them to  ignore the GPU and RAM if i want to save more money to buy them online, but if that GPU costs about say $135 then i have an idea to go with it until i can better one from online and waiting for shipping and arrive here, will take maximum 2 weeks at worst.

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