6D VS. 5D Mark II - upgrade dilemma.

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Re: 6D VS. 5D Mark II - upgrade dilemma.

I own a 5D Mk II which I've used A LOTTTTTTT for over 3 years.

After a few jobs where it seems she's running out of gas I was considering what my next camera body will be, a 5d mk III, a 6D or a complete switch to Nikon or get rid of all of it, use my Fuji and a happy snap. Rent the FF cameras when I have biggee jobs.

My answer I think is to buy the 6D. I love FF. I am a pro but don't believe you need what the Manufacturer calls a PRO camera to make "pro" photos. I don't like that whole line of thinking. Canon considers you a pro if you own two pro bodies. Thanks Canon. I'll keep making money, art and winning awards and Canon can decide who's a pro. I'm cool with that...not!

I think every 2 years or so your cam body is going to be dated and need upgrading. I think the 6d is an upgrade from a 2010 MK II with a lot of milage. I don't need more than 7 focus points. I can live with all the drawbacks if you call them drawbacks. I save $1500 clams I can spend on a lens or a vacation. I've shot magazine covers with a rebel when my 5D was down. I taped up the model # and nobody knew.

I think it's 6D or bust for me. My friend just showed me an amazing photo today and later i asked what she took the photo with, she replied, "My Canon 20D".

Naysayers,  pixel peepers, Canon Koolaid drinkers be damned. 

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