Worth it to upgrade from an HS10 to HS50?

Started Apr 22, 2013 | Questions thread
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Re: Worth it to upgrade from an HS10 to HS50?

HI I recently went from an HS-10 to and HS-30 due to a very good close out price on "30".

My Hs-10 has a worn out tripod socket but was otherwise  in great shape.  What really did it for me were

1) Availability of remote release

2) Dedicated flash mode

3) Much faster processing of in camera panorama shots.

I have yet to try to exploit the EXr modes but I suspect they will let me shoot JPEGS in tough light situations.

The 50 is a lot more money and much quicker to use.  In my case these were not big factors since I have learned to accommodate and appreciate what the HS-10 could do.

So far I have not traveled with it but I suspect I will grow to appreciate the proprietary batteries.  I had a persistent problem with the battery compartment and replacing four AA cells when it popped open and generally changing batteries in sets of four on the run in a crowded square an Rome and Florence was a real pain.

I'd suggest you look at a close out 30 or go to the HS-50.  I don't think the HS-35 is an alternative.

One thing about the dedicated flash which may be a nuisance is that with it selected and if the flash battery is low the shutter will not fire.

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